Injustice: Gods Among Us Preview

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Release: 19 April 2013

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U


“What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat? Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a bold new franchise to the fighting game genre from NetherRealm Studios, creators of the definitive fighting game Mortal Kombat. Featuring DC Comics icons such Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Solomon Grundy, Superman and Wonder Woman, the latest title from the award-winning studio presents a deep original story. Heroes and villains will engage in epic battles on a massive scale in a world where the line between good and evil has been blurred.”

What did we think?

The hype around Injustice: Gods Among Us is quite hectic, and I didn’t understand why until I had a bit of a play myself. I love comics and graphic novels and manga and anything else related to that sort of thing, but I always find myself disappointed with the extension of their franchises, whether it’s a movie or a game.

Injustice seems to have something different about it though. The title screen is immediately eye catching, with a great soundtrack. The artwork kept me watching until it finished and then I watched the whole sequence again and again, taking in every little detail. It seems they actually have the characters – those heroes and villains that we know and love – right. Just from the artwork you can see the personality in them, and their traditional costumes are just right. The idea of skins is right up my alley, it means you can keep Batman in his traditional gear or you can spice him up in something a bit more modern.

Getting to the gameplay, the environments are perfect. I played as Batman and was taken back to Gotham City. The environment itself is interactive, and I seriously had fun bashing Lex Luthor over the head with the Bat Signal, running him over with my batmobile and throwing him into a helicopter.  The environment is also multitier. Using a heavy attack on a character near the edges of the stage will cause them to be taken to another level of the environment, or taking them through it and returning them back to center stage. Fun to watch, not so good for your characters health if you’re on the receiving end. The health bars are an interesting twist. Instead of playing three rounds against your opponent, your health bar has two levels and you have one round to eliminate your enemy.

The moves are fresh and great to look at, however I was annoyed at the fact that the victory line was the same every time. The game is a great deviation from the  fighting titles we’ve seen over the years. The plot is important in this one and I think that that just adds to the authenticity of the game and may just revive this genre in a bigger and better way.

The game has a lot of potential, and I honestly think it will live up to it. We’ll see on Friday!

The game is available for preorder on all major online retailers.