Next Games With Gold Game Announced

In competition with Sony, Microsoft announced their Games with Gold initiative at E3. They will provide Xbox Live Gold subscribers with 2 free games a month, one at the beginning of the month, and one in the middle of the month.

Major Nelson announced this morning that Gold Subscribers can download the 4 year oldtower defense game,  Defense Grid: The Awakening from today until the 15th of the month. If compared to this months Europe’s PS+ Subscription, which includes Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third and Payday: The Heist for the PS3 alone, Microsoft seems to be lagging behind a bit.

What do you think?


Defense Grid: The Awakening

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  • PantherCrane

    More B.S. from M$. This is another reason to buy a Sony PS4 at launch instead of an XBO!

    • kel88

      It seems that MS go from one PR mishap to the next. Do you think their games with gold will be better for the Xbox One?

      • PantherCrane

        They should wait and do it for that system but, we are talking about M$! LOL

        • kel88

          I’m sure they feel the need to compete with Sony and PS+. Doesn’t seem to be going very well though. If Gold wasn’t required for multiplayer I wouldn’t subscribe. Would you?

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